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Breaking news from Crisi
soon in hungarian too 

Today 17 March 2009, at around 18.00 H,
the Catalan police forces, the mossos d’esquadra, arrested Enric Duran
on the premises of the rectorate of the Barcelona University. This
morning at 12 H a demonstration has been organised in front of the
police station of the district Les Corts in Barcelona.

Enric Duran reappeared in public yesterday, 16 March 2009, during a
press conference for the presentation of the publication "Podem", of
which 200.000 copies in Catalan and 150.000 copies in Spanish have been
distributed today in Catalonia and the rest of Spain

"Podem" follows up "Crisi", the first publication that was edited on
17 September last year, where Enric Duran announced his act of
disobedience against the banks and financial entities. Enric claimed
his action as a form of rebelliousness.

We severely reject the fact that police forces entered again in university premises, reviving the past.

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